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NetFore provides the specialized technology skills and experience your organization needs to succeed in the complex world of software and data.

About NetFore

At NetFore, we believe that there’s more to developing outstanding software than being good at writing code – much more. For every business or technology challenge that comes our way, we apply a potent combination of brain power, problem solving skills, and experienced leadership to devise and implement an elegant and cost-effective solution to address it. And we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure it gets done on time.

So if you have an idea for a new product or application, but don’t know how to move forward with it, we’ll work closely with you to bring it to life. Or if you have a complex business problem that’s got you stumped – we’ll collaborate with you on a solution. And if it’s a specific skill or some additional horsepower you need to help your already stretched development team meet its commitments, we can help with that, too.

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The Team

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Ken Workun linkedin



Allen Carpenter linkedin


Lisa Pattman linkedin

Director, Sales & Client Services

Rene Villeneuve linkedin

Senior Designer
Team Lead

Robert Litalien

Robert Litalien linkedin

Senior UI/UX Software Designer
Team Lead

Karl Brunke

Karl Brunke linkedin

Senior Software Designer

Bruce Dunn

Bruce Dunn linkedin

Senior Software Architect

Dan Grise

Dan Grisé linkedin

Senior Software Designer

Ilan Metz

Ilan Metz linkedin

Senior Software Designer

Tara Harris

Tara-Lee Harris linkedin

Finance Manager

Taylor Elderton linkedin

Marketing Specialist

Alex Clelland

Alex Clelland

Software Designer

Christian Savoie

Software Designer

Chulmin Shin

Chulmin Shin linkedin

Software Designer

Tony Yang

Software Designer

Joseph Varacalli linkedin

Software Designer

Andrew Scheel linkedin

Software Designer

Leau Pierra

Software Designer

Walker Geelinkedin


Software Designer

Tawsif Ahmed

Software Designer

Abdullah Al Mahmud linkedin

Software Designer

Cora Zhang

Software Designer

Moaheb Ankur

Software Designer