Sight Enhancement Systems

Camera control software for the visually impaired

Assistive technology innovator

Sight Enhancement Systems (SES) designs and manufactures high-quality, highly innovative and competitively priced assistive devices for people with low vision.

The company’s products include specialized cameras, calculators, and portable electronic magnifiers, which can be used at home, school and work.

“I was impressed with the amount of effort the NetFore team put in at the start of the project to make sure they understood our requirements before moving ahead with the implementation.”

Rob Hilkes
President, Sight Enhancement Systems


Sight Enhancement Systems’ SceneEye 500 is a highly-specialized camera that helps people with low vision participate more fully in everyday activities. The SceneEye 500 enables them to perform tasks that normally would require full vision, such as reading a book, watching a presentation, or reading the blackboard at school.

Before going to market with SceneEye, SES needed to develop a web-based application that would allow users to view the camera images in a web browser running on a tablet or laptop.


SceneEye web application

Sight Enhancement Systems selected NetFore to build a web application that allows users to operate the SceneEye camera to view objects close up and at a distance, depending on their needs.

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the requirements, the NetFore team defined the application architecture and completed the detailed design in close consultation with Sight Enhancement Systems.

The resulting application, which was designed, built and tested by NetFore, makes it simple for users to view the image produced by the camera in real-time. It also gives them the ability to fine tune various settings such as contrast and magnification level to optimize the image to meet their individual needs.



  • NetFore delivered the web application on time and on budget, which enabled SES to execute on the timing of its go-to-market plan
  • SceneEye users enjoy a simple, web-based user experience that allows them to experience improved vision with minimal effort
  • Browser-based application, so users avoid the effort of downloading and installing a client application on their tablets

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