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Going mobile to boost campaign results


One Change is an award-winning charitable foundation and United Nations Partner that specializes in community engagement marketing that moves beyond raising awareness to creating action.

Founded in Ottawa in 2005, the organization empowers people to believe that simple actions matter and to make smart, informed choices. One Change has designed and implemented creative communications and engagement programs across North America, reaching over 3.7 million people in over 1200 communities.

“The foreAction system dramatically simplified the management of field staff during our campaigns and enabled us to be more efficient and report back to our clients with detailed information in a timely fashion.”

Stuart HickoxStuart Hickox
Founder and President, One Change

One Change challenges

Labor intensive campaign planning

First, it was very labor-intensive to organize canvassing activities for large teams of field staff, who often cover a wide geographical area.

Inaccurate data reporting

Second, at the end of each campaign, they needed to provide accurate data to campaign sponsors. This requires manually checking and correcting all the data collected by staff. This was costly and time-consuming.


Custom iPad tracking app

NetFore developed an iPad app that One Change staff members use to manage the planning and execution of their campaigns from anywhere.

Create and distribute walk-lists

Using the app, campaign managers create “walk-lists” of street addresses that each staff member is assigned to visit. Walk-lists are pushed out to field staff electronically via the app.

Capture and upload survey data

When a staff member visits each address, they record responses to survey questions in the app. When they connect to Wi-Fi, all their data is uploaded directly to a central database that tracks all campaign activities.


  • Mobile app simplifed the creation and assignment of staff walk-lists
  • Reduced manual data recording errors and streamlined and automated the process for collecting data
  • Accelerated progress reporting to campaign sponsors and improved overall accuracy of the data collected

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