Today we are throwing our proverbial hat into the blogging ring as we launch our new foreSight Technology Blog.

Why foreSight? Well, in an age when technology is evolving at a truly astonishing rate, the ability to look ahead and make sense of emerging issues and trends is critical. For organizations looking to use technology to transform the way they conduct their business, being successful will take foresight.

Our goal? To participate more fully in the big and important Conversation about technology that’s happening right now on the Internet – on blogs, Twitter, Google+ and every one of a hundred other social media channels – and to shed light on these important issues and trends for the benefit of our customers, partners and colleagues.

Who we are

NetFore Systems is a small software company based in Ottawa, Canada. The company was founded in 2010 by Ken Workun and Allen Carpenter, two technology leaders with a wealth of experience in enterprise-scale software development and a focus on next-generation communications technologies like VoIP, WebRTC and unified communications.

NetFore was founded on three basic principles:

  • Commitment to customers: NetFore’s mission is to provide software solutions that help people and organizations accomplish important and useful things. Whether it’s helping an environmental nonprofit improve the effectiveness of its community engagement campaigns, or giving a global service provider the ability to improve service and retain customers, NetFore is committed to providing innovative and scalable software products and solutions that get the results our customers expect.
  • Passion for Excellence: We combine our love of technology and our passion for excellence to build enterprise-grade software that helps our customers solve real-world problems – with an emphasis on quality, value and building productive working relationships for the long term.
  • Dedication to fun: We foster a culture and an environment that make it fun and stimulating to come to work every day. We’ve built a team of talented and committed people who enjoy solving challenging problems and coming up with innovative new ways of doing things.

What we’re blogging about

The list of technologies and ideas worth exploring is endless, so future posts will focus on a few key themes:

  • Big data analytics: We’ll look at new and emerging technologies that help organizations collect, analyze and benefit from the vast amounts of data they have at their disposal.
  • Emerging communications technologies: We’ll talk about some of the technologies that are revolutionizing communications for business and consumers alike, like WebRTC.
  • Software development: We’re in the business of developing software, so look for our thoughts and perspectives on the latest technology, tools and processes associated with developing scalable enterprise software.

To find out more about us and our software development and consulting services, see our Services page.